Healthcare Facilities

Healthcare Facilities Management

Our Healthcare Facilities team employs a comprehensive approach to property management by creating an integrated strategy for medical office buildings, clinics, ambulatory surgery centers, assisted living centers, data centers, administrative buildings, and support facilities.

Healthcare Facilities Operations

We know how important it is to optimize your healthcare facilities operations. That’s why we design and implement strategic management solutions that increase service performance and reduce overhead costs for our clients. We’ll work with you and your team to create an operational and maintenance plan specific to your facility. With our extensive professional experience and time-proven success, we ensure that your goals are being met, as we strive to provide owners, tenants, and patients with the best services available to the industry. For each healthcare facility we manage, our property managers maintain operational efficiency and client satisfaction. Support is additionally offered from every level of our staff.

Accountability and Reporting

Operational accountability, effective communication, exceptional customer service, and frequent tenant interaction are keys to high tenant satisfaction. Ogden & Company implements our time-proven tenant satisfaction processes and procedures, assuring that we meet and exceed tenant expectations. These processes and procedures are tailored to each property and are designed in accordance to ownership’s goals. We provide monthly financial and operational reports to clients, giving you the peace of mind knowing your asset is being cared for at every level. We customize reports to suit clients’ needs, enabling them to focus on key decisions regarding the value and overall life of the asset.

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