Ogden & Company, Inc. Expands Commercial Real Estate Presence to Arizona

Milwaukee, WI – Ogden & Company, Inc. has expanded its Arizona real estate services to include commercial real estate.

“Arizonans used to have to look elsewhere for some of what we do here in Milwaukee…
Now they don’t have to.”

With offices in Mesa and Scottsdale, Ogden Arizona now offers a broader scope of real estate services very similar to its Milwaukee headquarters.

“Having an increasingly full presence as Ogden Arizona gives us a platform to help people do everything real estate-related that they want to do there,” said Gordon Steimle, Executive Vice President, Commercial Real Estate for Ogden & Company, Inc.

“There are numerous investors here in the Midwest who are targeting the Southwest market, and the reverse is also true. In addition, there are a number of financial institutions we work with here who also have a presence in the Phoenix area.”

“It’s a natural fit for Wisconsin investors to diversify – looking at opportunities in this higher growth market.”

Leading the commercial presence in greater Phoenix is Frank Demeter, having recently joined Ogden as Executive Vice President, Commercial Real Estate – Arizona.

Demeter was a co-founder of Boulders Realty Advisors, a boutique commercial real estate firm based in Scottsdale. Prior to that, he was director at Landauer Real Estate Counselors, providing institutional representation of income properties and placement of financing for acquisitions and development. He also has extensive consultation experience with major commercial real estate clients, including pension fund advisors and offshore investment groups.

A native of Wisconsin, Demeter received his BAA in finance and real estate as well as his Masters degree in real estate from the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

“We see this as a natural opportunity to help some of our Wisconsin clients with their needs, whether it’s investment, expansion or disposition,” said Demeter.

“Phoenix is a larger,higher growth market – there’s a lot happening and developing at a faster, more robust rate. It’s a good time to take advantage of the rebound in Arizona for our clients and customers in Wisconsin and the Southwest.”

Ogden & Company, Inc. has had a collaborative working relationship with Demeter since the 1990s.

“I’m excited because we have a long relationship of trust and common interests,” said Demeter. “We are going to grow but strategically and carefully.”

Ogden Commercial has also rebranded itself, with the traditional Ogden logo placed against renditions of the Milwaukee and Phoenix skylines. Ogden Commercial has also introduced a new website, ogdencommercial.com, which focuses solely on commercial offerings.

Ogden’s Commercial Brokerage Division represents a broad spectrum of investors, buyers, sellers, owner-occupants and tenants in the sale, acquisition, site selection, asset management and leasing of commercial real estate. This includes retail, office, multi-family, warehouse, industrial, hospitality, and land sectors.

The Ogden Arizona presence was established in 2003 with the opening of its first office in Scottsdale.

“People who like the way we do business and the scope of services we offer here in Milwaukee can take advantage of all of our services now in the Phoenix area, as well as our style, our attention and the personal service we provide,” said Steimle.

“We continue to replicate who we are and what we do in Wisconsin into the Phoenix market. Arizonans used to have to look elsewhere for some of what we do here in Milwaukee.

“Now they don’t have to.”